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Identity Mirror Decal

Identity Mirror Decal

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Who God is and who we are: the two reminders we need more than any others in our lives. When we ground ourselves in these two things, everything else starts to fall into place.

This well-designed, matte-black mirror decal is not only a gorgeous accessory for your bathroom — it will also help you keep your identity front and center in your life.  

Change the reminder as often as you need to:

God is good and you are loved.

God is near and you are cherished.

God is trustworthy and you are going to be okay.

 We cannot wait to share this with you!  


Product Details: 

- This matte black transfer sticker can be attached to any surface, but it's best on a mirror so you can fill in the blanks.


- Works best with a wet erase marker (vis-a-vis or a similar brand!)


- It's easiest to read when attached at eye level.


- For instructions on how to attach the decal, click right here.

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