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Girls Night Sleep Shirt

Girls Night Sleep Shirt

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When getting ready for bed each night, Stephanie always reaches for the exact same thing — a faded, well-worn t-shirt she's worn a thousand times.

Each shirt is different, but each represents a great moment or memory in her life. For a long time it was shirts with her school emblem, and then it was sorority tees. (Those were her favorite because her friends all had the exact same ones!)

These days her go-to tees are the ones she's collected on trips. There's the one she got on that family vacation, and the one she bought at the dive shop after going scuba diving for the very first time. They're the ones she reaches for first each and every night.

And so, while designing a recent collection for her shop, Stephanie knew she had to make a Girls Night version of the sleep shirts she loves so much.

Instantly feeling like a shirt you've loved for years — this Comfort Colors tee is the perfect thing to curl up in — whether you're hanging out with girlfriends, lounging around the house, or climbing into bed.

We can't wait to share it with you!

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