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Ampersand Sticker

Ampersand Sticker

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If you're a listener of my podcast, Girls Night, or if you've been here in our little corner of the internet for a while now, you know that I'm such a believer that life is better, easier, and absolutely more fun when we walk through it together instead of on our own.

That's the heartbeat behind every single thing that I do. And for years, I've been trying to find a way to say that, to show that, a way to bottle that idea up so we could give it to a friend — letting her know that she's not alone, that we're in her corner, that we're in this together.

And then this last year, something huge happened in my life...

Almost exactly one year ago, I had my twins: Annie & Quinn.

And as I fell in love with these perfect, beautiful, wonderful little darlings, I also started to fall in love with the "&" symbol. We use it all the time when talking about the girls: Q&A, A&Q. It's this elegant, timeless, swirly symbol that connects them, and I just love it.

Over the last year, as the "&" has connected the littlest girls in my life, I realized that it's the symbol I've been looking for all along.

The "&" connects us. It's like the typography version of linking arms. No matter how similar we are, no matter how different we are, when you put us all together and link us with an "&," we're no longer alone. It's not just you or me, it's you & me. We're connected. We're in this together now.

Whenever you see the “&" may it remind you that:

You’re not alone in what you’re going through 
& you don’t have to go through any of life alone. 

Product Details: 

- This matte, floral, high-quality vinyl sticker is a quiet reminder you can take with you everywhere — bringing you hope and inspiration wherever you might need it.


- The sticker measures 2.9" x 2.8"

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